Our People

Our people

We are a friendly and lively learning community. As highly qualified educators, we take our work seriously. We know how to deliver a stable, consistent curriculum, while giving each child the individual attention they need. It’s an honour to experience part of a child’s early years, helping them to transform by developing the skills, interests and opinions that will form the basis of a lifetime of experiences. This is why we are so interested in your child’s individual personality, perspective and talents.

Our goal is to inspire confidence and resilience in children, helping them to develop social, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. We believe that families are the most important part of a child’s life. We’re here to support you and your child and work with you to help them along the road to ‘big school’. Whenever you have an idea, opinion, or suggestion, we’re ready to listen and include it in our programming.

Meet our Centre Manager

Loveleen Kaur

Years in childcare: 10 years

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma in Children's Services. 

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? I am passionate about children’s learning and development from very early age. I believe that an educator can make a very positive influence and difference in any child’s holistic growth.  

Beginning my journey from an assistant educator to the Director, it’s only the passion for making learning activities fun, stimulating and engaging to enhance children’s curiosity and learning.

I do have passion to equally engage with the families along with the children, having  transparency in the communication and respecting the diversity.
I believe in incorporating the Early Years of Learning Framework combined with Lifelong Learning to give meaningful start to each child’s development and individual learning.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? 
I remember my first placements in the centre when I was an international student and had no routine for myself. Whilst juggling with full time study and two part time jobs weekdays and weekends, I put on weight without realising that it is happening. One fine day, I asked the pre- school children playing in the sand pit if I could join them in play?One child looked up and said “No”. I asked why and the response was, “Because I do not play with fat people”. That answer made me realise that ( TIME TO LOSE WEIGHT!!) children are very good observers and their honesty distinguishes them from us adults. So, whenever I feel I need to take a break from the daily paperwork, I like to spend time on the floor with children and there is lots to learn from them.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? 
1: The operating hours are 7am to 6pm that work best for the families working full time. It is located on the main road, just few meters away from the bus stop. The car park provides the personal space to our families for drop offs and pick- ups.
2: The security of children is paramount. All the families and staff have access to children’s floor with finger scanner.
3: On site chef adds to the stardom. We provide 4 meals per day and our Nutrition policy promises 50% of daily nutrition to be provided by meals cooked on site.
4: We have all the educators well qualified, experienced and from diverse cultures. Most of the educators do speak two to three different languages and bring with them world of knowledge and different perspectives for personality development.
5: Regular Incursions and excursions are an integral part of Shiny Star. We explore our local community visiting the local shops, post office and library.
6: School Readiness: Kinder children participate in school readiness programs where the curriculum is set up for each child to achieve the maximum potential in learning. Parent Information nights are held twice a year to talk about parent’s fears or anxieties and how to transition smoothly.
One on one meetings with families do take place close to the big school orientations helping families understand the school’s expectations and school reports are handed out.
7: Separate Outside yards: All the age groups have separate play yards providing each child with sense of security and belonging.
8: Open days and other celebrations: We celebrate many special events throughout the year starting from Chinese New Year to Christmas.